Xeniapp is an on-demand mobile app and platform that connects travelers with local guides and activities around them. You can use the app to book a tour any time you want, without the need to book in advance. Xeniapp gives you flexibility and control over your travel experience.

The Xeniapp app can be downloaded in both the App Store and Google Play Store. And, when you refer your friends to download the app, you both can receive discounts on tours.

When you sign up, The only mandatory information we need is your email, but the more profile details you fill in, the better we can customize local guide selection and your tour experience.

We use GPS location to find and display locals based on their relative distance from you. Closest guides are displayed first. In addition, if you’ve entered profile information, we use matching technology to provide local tours and guides that meet your preferences such as language spoken, age, gender, etc. When you choose the type(s) of tours you want, potential guides will be filtered to match your needs. From there, you can swipe through guide profiles to find what you are looking for!

When you sign up, the Xeniapp app profile screen lets you select the language you want your Xeniapp tour guides to speak. Then, when you use the Xeniapp app to search for local tour guides, it will try to match and present guides that meet your selected preferences.

Xeniapp eliminates the hassle of cash transactions and pesky currency exchange issues. At initial sign-up or when you book your first tour, you’ll be asked to input your credit card information. You only have to do this once and from then on, your card will be automatically charged any time you use Xeniapp.

All guides have been vetted by the Xeniapp team and have received a security background check before giving any tours. We also have a rating system in place so that every time a guide gives a tour, we get feedback about how they did. Any guide whose user rating drops too low will receive some personal training, and if it continues, they will be removed as a guide. In this way, travelers are only exposed to the best available guides.

Yes : Guides pick and choose when they want to work, so you will have to send a request to book a specific guide. We know that people are used to booking in advance, but we also know that once you experience how enjoyable travel can be on your own schedule, you’ll never go back to booking in advance.

Yes, you can use both the website and the mobile app. We use the location services of mobile devices so that when you search for guides, you see only the ones that are in your area.

We are launching in 25 cities across the USA, but we have big plans to expand across the globe. If you want us to come to your city next, tell us by downloading our app, sending us an email, or posting to our social media pages. The more requests we get for a city, the faster we launch there.

Prices vary since Xeniapp guides all set their own hourly price, however guides do have a minimum tour price of $20 per hour.

This varies depending upon the tour and guide. Since guides design their own tours and set their own prices, some prefer to include additional costs in the hourly price of their tour.